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A secret I was told to share. (Permission Given)

Posted on May 4, 2011 at 3:49 PM Comments comments (18)
Got something to tell y'all. I have a friend that is much younger than I am and she is still in high school. You might be wondering why I'm friends with someone so young. To be honest she has a personality to die for and I don't think that her age should have anything to do with our  friendship. With that being said lets get into it.
Keisha (not her real name) is 16 years old and is in the 11th grade at a prominent high school. She lives with her mom who is at work most times or abraod doing business. Her mom always left her in the care of  her oldest aunt who seems to envy her for being spoilt as we would say. On a particular holiday night not so long ago, she was staying at her aunt's who had invited some friends over. With the friends being at the house, Keisha as we call her  was having problems adjusting to the new faces and personalities.
A particular person, she had an eye for who is much much older than she is, also had an eye for her. Her aunt not knowing of the little upcoming fling was in the dark for the rest of the night as things transpired between her neice and one of her friends. Weeks went by and Keisha and Jack (not his real name) got closer and their relationship got more intimate. Jack is almost 50 years old and Keisha is 16 years and now she is 5 months pregnant without her mom or aunt even knowing it.
I asked her how long she is planning to keep it a secret form her family and school friends as she is still attending school. Her health is deteriorating and her mom doesn't even realize it. As her friend I provided her with the best advice that I can and told her to be straight with her mom as she will know how to help her in getting in a school until she has her baby and is ready to attend a different school. In this case a mother needs to be aware of changes in their children as well as their physical appearance.
I had followed her to the clinic the other day where she got tested for HIV/AIDS she is positive and her babydaddy is a married man. How convenient. Don't you think? Her family and friends are still in the dark and I am so mad at Jack for taking advantage of my friend.